Cannabis is a drug we know or hear about a lot. Most of the time we hear about it under negative  

circumstances: police have found and arrested some people smoking the drug. Or on a more prominent note, police arrested somebody else who was travelling with a large amount of it for sale. 

It happens that many countries consider cannabis an illegal drug. What is not clear is the very drug can also, under certain circumstances, have some legal use. It is in this respect that we start to consider how to travel with cannabis. 

But first, let us understand what this drug, with marijuana as it’s other name – among others – is all about. This is a psychoactive drug (from the cannabis plant) for medical and recreational use. Therefore, if you will have no excuse to use it recreationally, the medical aspect may not be easy to avoid. 

Travelling legally with cannabis 

You will often find yourself in a country where cannabis use is restricted. And knowing how to travel with cannabis for your medication use is crucial. Your health is a top priority – even the laws recognize that. Here is how to go about it. (The assumption here is that you are under genuine medication). 

Make sure the drug you carry is within the daily dosage limits according to the doctor’s prescription for one month. It will be alright if the daily dosage does not cover thirty days, but under no circumstances should it be more than one month.  

The prescription should be kept in its original container, clearly displaying the original label. At no time should you transfer the prescription to what you may consider a better or superior container. Doing so will contravene the two related conditions: the casing and the labelling.  

You must at all times carry supporting documents, which must include the registration slip at the clinic of origin, and the cashier receipt acknowledgement. 

Store the drug is such a way as to prevent any smell escaping from the container. A vacuum-sealed bag will help meet this condition. Your small parcel should not infringe on other people’ comfort. Some people could be allergic to the drug smell. 

Reducing the odds against you 

Some places may still consider possession of cannabis illegal irrespective of its use under prescription. This will affect medical users in two ways. It compromises their health and freedom. This is a matter to treat carefully but seriously. 

How to travel by air with cannabis is something you should plan for carefully. There are odds against you that you can easily beat. Fortunately, sniffer dogs at airports are out for explosives and related objects, not weed. Therefore, avoid carrying any luggage that is related to explosives. 

Discovery of explosive related material in your luggage may lead to the cannabis product, which in turn may make the officials to question you. 

You must package your drug discreetly, but when it is discovered give proof of its legality. Your have a right to good health and freedom order marijuana