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When something is wrong in the body, the system sends signals of pain that cause discomfort. The pain can be presented as mild or intense depending on the underlying issue. There are several ways of treating pain depending on the likes and preferences of the patient or the caregiver. Marijuana Uses for Chronic Pain is on the rise too. 

Meta description  

Marijuana is a plant also known as pot, dope, weed, or cannabis. Its flowers and leaves are dried for preservation. According to recent studies, marijuana has more than 400 compounds. It contains psychoactive compounds like CBD (Cannabidiol) which is in oil form and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the chemical that has an altering effect on the mind. It is known to make those who take marijuana feel the ‘high’ effect. 

1). Types of pains Marijuana relieves.  

a) Nociceptive pain – This pain is sharp and it is caused by damaged tissues like when one is stabbed or during dental procedures. 

b) Neuropathic pain – This pain is caused by a disease of the somatosensory system like cancers and tumors among other lifestyle diseases. 

c) Central pain – This pain is caused by damage to the sensory pathway of the central nervous system. 

2). How Marijuana is used for Chronic Pain 

There are several ways in which one can use marijuana for  relief of Chronic Pain. There are two compounds that have pain-relieving effects. These are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol).Marijuana can be taken through smoking, vaping the green leaves, consuming through the mouth, or by applying to the skin. It depends on the level of Chronic Pain one is experiencing or the strain of marijuana chosen matters too. It is worth noting the person’s body tolerance and overall chemistry must be put into consideration. 

3). Side effects associated with Marijuana. 

  1. Common side effects Associated with Marijuana Uses for Chronic Pain. Some of them include dizziness and sleepiness, increased heart palpitations, and irritability among others. 
  1. Drivers exposed to long-term use of Marijuana may cause accidents since it impairs the ability to drive. 
  1. School students exposed to usage of marijuana end up not performing well since their concentration levels are affected  
  1. Expectant mothers may get miscarriages or abnormal births when they use Marijuana since it is believed to contain opioids found in strong pain killers.  


Scientists are doing everything possible to find out How Marijuana is used for Chronic Pain. This plant grows in most parts of the world but most states have not legalized it. Much has been said about its benefits but professionals are the only people who should prescribe drugs containing Marijuana as an ingredient. Self-medication is likely to worsen the pain due to lack of professionalism, it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner should one decide to use it. 

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Different types of edibles and the effects

What are edibles? How many types of edibles do we have? What are the side effects of using edibles? These might be some of the questions you might be asking and even others. Now that you got me at the correct moment keep reading and you will have the answers about everything you need to know about edibles.  

What do we mean by the term edibles? They are drink and food products that are produced from cannabis oil and cannabis. This means they are chemically infused with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (cannabidiol) or both during processing. Edibles is a tasty alternative option for using it than vaporizing and smoking.  

As we look at the site of absorption to the gastrointestinal system, edibles are absorbed easily than vaping or smoking them. Many different companies that produce edibles have their own procedure for producing treats. Hence for their different procedures and different ratios of THCs and CBDs the taste and potency vary from one edible to another for different companies. 

Types of edibles 

This article am going to discuss different types of edibles and the foods they’re infused. So keep a keen eye on the description of foods and drinks you might be offered to eat or drink. Cookies and brownies are the mostly known kinds of edibles but they are not the only types of edibles we have. In fact there is a big list of edibles. So keep on reading and you will get to know which edible best suits you. In addition, every edible is produced from decarboxylated cannabis  

Here is the different types of edibles I am going to discuss. 

  1. Tincture. 
  1. Infused-cannabis drinks. 
  1. Infused-cannabis foods. 
  1. Cannabinoid-powder dissolvable. 
  1. CBD edibles 

Let’s have a look at each type of edible. 

  1. Tincture 

They are consumed through the mouth or the tongue. Hence they are considered as edibles. They are alcohol-based edibles and are taken using a dropper where they are placed under the tongue hence the tincture enters into the blood. 

Moreover, tinctures can also be mixed with foods and drinks. But not at the same time. Eating mixed tinctures in food or drinks helps to reduce the dosage one could take for infused-cannabis drinks or foods.  

  1. Infused-cannabis drinks 

Many companies that produce infused-cannabis drinks have experimented alot of sales on their products such as, sodas, tea, alcohol, and even coffee. So check well on your drinks not to experiment side effects associated with the drinks production ratios. 

  1. Infused-cannabis foods 

Cookies and brownies cannabis are under this category of edibles. This type of edibles is the most reknown one. Infused-cannabis foods can be produced in many different forms like bacon, candy, baked foods, potato chips and also pasta sauces.  

Generally, any food that is made through mixing of milk, oil, butter, sugar, or flour, be aware that the manufacturer can turn it into a infused-cannabis food, hence becoming an edible.  

  1. Cannabinoid-powder dissolvable 

This cannabinoid-powder is very dissolvable in the drink you want to take. It’s tasteless or odourless hence many people love it because of some of it’s characteristics. It can be dissolved in, smoothie, tea, coffee, or even juice.e.t.c. 

  1. CBD edibles 

Many CBD edibles contains 0.03% of THC. There some of CBD edibles without THC in them which are used as medicine.  

In conclusion, the above article hope that it has been a great importance to you. Now that you know what foods to consume and drinks to take that doesn’t have edibles in them and those that have. Keep on the right track and your life will be good. 

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Smoking Vs Edibles Weed What is the difference?

Marijuana has come a long way from the olden days where you could only smoke it. Today we have vape pens, edibles, different strands and so much more. These different options have introduced a whole different demographic when it comes to weed. This article will show the differences between smoking weed and edible weed so that you can choose with knowledge. 

What is the difference? 

Smoking it requires rolling the weed in special paper and inhaling the smoke. Popularly known as smoking a joint. Edibles on the other hand means baking weed into food like cakes, cookies, capsules, chocolates and so on. You eat the food product baked with weed and once digested, you feel the effects. 

How does it work? 

Both methods have the same end result but work differently. Marijuana has a cannabinoid named THC. THC(delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is what connects with the brain to make you ‘high’. This THC is transmitted differently through smoking and edibles marijuana online

When smoking, the THC travels directly to your lungs then through the bloodstream into your brain. This means you will start to feel the effects almost immediately. 5-10 minutes after you smoke. After 2-3 hours the effects will start tailing off unless you smoke another joint. 

Edibles work a bit differently. When you ingest it, the THC travels to the stomach first for digestion then to the liver. Just like normal food. The delta 9 is then transformed into a much potent THC called 11-hydroxy-THC and then to the brain. This means it will take about 2 hours to start feeling the effects but then they last for about 5-6 hours. Talk about being high. 

Advantages of smoking vs edibles 


You can control the high. If it is too low you can smoke another joint, too high and you can lay it off for a while. 

Fun because you can smoke with a bunch of friends and pass it around. The banter adds to the fun (puff puff pass) 

Time-saving. You can smoke one quickly and be on your way to do other activities. 


Long-lasting. The effects take longer to manifest but take even longer to end. 5-6 hours of pure ‘high’ 

Private in that nobody needs to know that the cake you baked has weed in it. Consume it as normal. 

All-round cleaner because you don’t have to deal with rolling paper and smoke. Eat you cake and await the fun. 

How to choose? 

Choose the method that is more effective for you. If you are chilling with your friends, smoke and pass it around. If you need to work in a few hours, smoke so the effects will come and go quicker and you are ready to go. 

Choose edibles on a lazy day, in your free time or if you don’t like smoke. Some prefer to mix the two depending on the day. 

These two options give us a plethora of ways in which we can get that ‘high’. Choose wisely. Remember that the quality counts. First get that quality bud and then choose your method. 

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Does smoking cannabis give you the benefit of relieving stress?

One of the most common question that users of cannabis get is if it relieves stress. That may be true. Recent studies into the cannabis plant have shown that it relieves stress but when used in low quantities. In this article, we will discuss how cannabis aids in stress release. 

Research into cannabis use and stress relief 

In recent years, the legislation on the medical use of cannabis has increased in countries across the world. There is also a growing number of countries that are also legislating the recreational use of cannabis, albeit in controlled amounts. Despite these developments, it is becoming difficult to study the plant as they still classify it as a controlled class 1 drug.  

Researchers from the University of Illinois Chicago and their counterparts at the University of Chicago could circumvent the federal legislative and legal loops to successfully understand the role of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the key ingredient of cannabis, had on stress levels in individuals.  

Another group of researchers at Washington University have examined the role that cannabis has on stress, depression and anxiety among its users.  

Cannabis and its effect on stress 

The research team from Chicago set out to investigate if cannabis relieves stress. They used different levels of dosage for the volunteers between the age of 18 years to 40 years. The volunteer had some experience with cannabis, but they were not frequent users. They divided the participants into three research groups; 

  • Group one received low doses. The capsules they were given contained 7.5 milligrams of THC. 
  • Group two received a moderate dose. The group participants received a capsule containing 12.5 milligrams of THC.  
  • The control group. The control group received the placebo. In short, they received no THC. 

It is difficult to equate ingested cannabis to smoked cannabis. The effect of smoked cannabis is immediate, while ingested cannabis takes some time. The ingested cannabis is, however, equivalent to a few puffs of cannabis.  

After the participants had gone through a series of tests- a mock job interview and a session and a second test to take a challenging math problem, they completed the tests; they asked them to rate their stress levels. During the process, the researchers measured participant’s blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels before and after the experiment. 

How THC responds to stress 

As expected, those volunteers who received the lower THC dosage reported lower stress levels than their counterparts in the control group, both for the mock-up job interview and the math test.  

The volunteer in the group receiving the moderate doses of THC reported higher stress levels and had a more negative outlook before and after the tests. The volunteers also rated the phycological task as threatening.  

The group that received the moderate dose of THC paused longer during the interview compared to the placebo group.  

During the experiment period, the difference in the levels of the heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels were not significant to make significant conclusions.  


Although the study is on a smaller scale, the results speak for themselves. Yes, cannabis can be used in stress relief, albeit at smaller doses. Regardless of the legislation put in place, medical use of cannabis is still dangerous, making research into the topic more vital than ever.  

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How to Buy Weed Online in Canada

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, buying weed online is perhaps the smartest thing you can do. Running out of weed, having to go all the way to the town, and observing social distance in the stores can be a little worrying and tiring.  Buying weed online is convenient and can be done from the comfort of your home buy weed online

Since the legalization of weed in 2018, many citizens of Canada are still in the unknown on how to purchase weed online. Before its legalization, buying weed was entirely restricted to medical patients only. However, as of now, it can be bought for recreational purposes. This has led to increased demand for the product. 

Due to the increased demand for weed, distribution has now been left in the hands of the individual Canadian provinces. So before you opt to buy weed online, be sure to know your province’s rules and regulations about the purchase and storage of the product. 

Purchasing weed in Canada is a simple process for regular customers and new buyers. There are no loopholes in the process and there is surety of making a purchase and delivery. Everything is done professionally and by the policies enacted in each respective province. This is for the safe and responsible distribution of weed. 

So how do you purchase weed online in Canada? 

First, you need to create an online account on the online cannabis store. Though it may be a little time-consuming, you only need to do it once. Your information will be saved and you won’t have to repeat the process. Thus, it should be your priority to access your province’s online cannabis store for registration. 

Creating an online account at the online store web page is the only surety that you will be able to buy your product. Besides, some stores will require you to have a permanent account. However, others for the sake of your security and privacy will allow you to sign in as a guest if you do not want your details saved online. 

The online creation of an account requires your standard personal information, This includes your name and the address from the province you are buying in. It will also require your payment information. This is a legal procedure in Canada before you make any weed purchase. Some sites might require your ID photo on the website or upon delivery. This is for verification and proof of age. 

After the creation of an online account and verification of payment, the retailer will then process your order and pack your weed. The package will be sent to your house via postal mail or whichever form of shipment you will have chosen. The delivery time usually depends on the location and the company you made your purchase from. Some companies have multiple stores in different locations which will help speed up the delivery process. 

You can buy your weed online from different stores. Some of the stores are run by the province’s government while others are private ones. You might need to consider if the company is licensed by the government, the reputation of the products it sells, and how they provide a secure checkout process on their website to avoid scammers.  

Buying weeds online is a convenient and legal way of obtaining the product in Canada. It is a simple task that saves you energy and time. However, you should be of legal age. 

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Types of Edibles Cannabis

Edibles are products mostly food or drinks made with cannabis. They are mostly infused and are used as an alternative to smoking or injecting. They are mostly meant for people who may not be comfortable with smoking or injecting themselves. The most common Edibles are the cookies although there are many other types. In this article will focus on the four main types of THC Edibles, their benefits, taste and side effects from the most common to the cheapest and easiest to prepare. 

Four Main Types Of THC Edibles 

1.Cannabis-infused Drinks. 

Drinks are very easy to take and that’s the main reason why most Edible companies have invested a lot of energy in experimenting with cannabis -infused drinks like tea soft drinks or even alcohol. The drinks ar metabolized in the stomach and the nutrients then absorbed into the blood stream. The main importance of this THC is that it medical cannabis can be injected directly into the blood stream by use of syringes or by dripping method. The bound water from the drinks also keeps our bodies hydrated which is and added health benefit. 

2.Cannabis-Infused Foods 

Cannabis cookies which are most common falls in this category. This type is also important since nutrients from the food is absorbed into the body giving one health bonefishes are very easy to prepare. Not only companies prepare the but a person can also prepare for home use in low quantities as long you can get all the raw materials needed. The main factor considered here is the ration in which a using the best ratio gives you the best taste. They have no side effects only they people with allergies can’t take some food thus limiting the consumers. 3.Cannabinoid Powder 

This is the best yet not very common type which can turn almost everything into and HTC edible. Its a tasteless and odorless powder. The best thing about it is that only can be added to anything from tea to food to snacks to juices. It’s meant for people who don’t like the taste of cannabis or it’s odor but still want to consume it. The powder is still very new in the market and hence the very low intake. Its also very affordable and is easily available. As per the moment there is no proven side effects but doesn’t mean it’s one hundred percent safe but it’s benefits are more than its effect which means that it’s passed for consumption by almost everyone. No case of allergies yet reported. 


This edible is also common since it’s put in the base of our mouths. Our mouths are made up of very thin semi-permiable membranes this allows some nutrients to pass through. That is why it will allow the Tincture to pass through and get absorbed into the blood stream easily. They have no known side effects yet. 

Bottom line 

The above HTC edibles can be used by almost everyone who wants to use cannabis as an alternative treatment and they are the best and most easy to get as long as you don’t overdo them. Also make sure that you have license before putting up an HTC edibles company marijuana delivery

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Changes to American Cannabis Laws

The use, sale, and possession of cannabis over 0.3 THC in the United States, despite state laws is illegal under federal law. However, individual states have enacted legislation permitting exemptions for medical and adult use. This article therefore is going to focus on various states and the kind of changes they’ve made to cannabis laws within such states.

Main Changes to American Cannabis Laws 

Several United States of America reflected on the legalization of cannabis. Some of the states linked to this kind of reforms included Florida, New Jersey, Arizona, New York, and Mexico. Only 23 states in America allow citizen-initiated ballot initiatives, implying that in several states the only way to reform Cannabis Laws is through the legislature. 

Recent statistics shows that 68% of the Americans support making of cannabis use legal and around 90% support allowing medical cannabis use. The following are some of the remarkable changes to marijuana use in America. 

Cannabis will now be sold mainly for recreational purpose and other cannabis products being sold in the state of Illinois. By the start of the New Year’s Day, people over the age of 21 with a pertinent identification will be in a position to buy recreational cannabis  fom authorised retailers. Illinois has other cannabis-related laws in the pipeline for 2020, including a law that will allow students who are medical cannabis patients to use cannabis products on school grounds or at school activities. 

Recreational use of cannabis in Arizona state is now legal. Possession and cultivation of recreational cannabis became legal on November 30, 2020, with the first state licensed sales occurring on January 22, 2021. However, this is only applicable for individuals who are over the age of 21 and patients of any age with qualifying conditions. Adults can possess up to one ounce(28grams) at a time and grow six plants. 

In Mexico, the Supreme Court ruled that the country’s absolute ban on recreational Marijuana use was unconstitutional. This was a reform made on October 2018 with the effective date being extended by the highest court of the Mexican land to April 30, 2020, for the legislature to pass the law. 

In addition to all these, cannabis is no longer a controlled substance for MLB. The Major League Baseball(MLB) and the MLB players union officially agreed to remove cannabis from the major and minor league’s list of Drug Abuse. This fortunately makes MLB the first American sports league to reduce its punishments for cannabis use. Starting 2020 spring training, cannabis consumption by players was treated the same as alcohol use. 

Based on several health benefits linked to the use of cannabis, I think it would be advisable for all states within the America to adopt and if possible legalize the use of cannabis. The federal government should facilitate the use of this drug too but set maximum daily intake for each and every individual wishing to use such kind of drugs. this will be of great significance considering the fact that it can help regulate various health defects within the human body including the prevention of the incidences of cancer occurrence and development.  

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Cannabis-infused Beverages Market Niche

The current beverage market in the world requires differentiated goods. Different beverage companies have resorted to creativity in the making of different beverages to reach cannabis consumers. The consumption of beverage cannabis offers a smoke-free consumption option of the plant, which poses a potential risk of lung health upon smoking. Cannabis beverages are made by infusing a liquid such as sparkling or flat water with cannabis extract or concentrate. To produce a smooth finished product, cannabis extracts are blended with an emulsifier to enhance the solubility of the extract. A range of cannabis beverages are produced taking various flavours and varieties to suit the individual consumer preferences including flat waters, ready-made tea, tea bags and sparkling which all contain CBD or THC or a mix of both.  

Cannabis-infused Beverages Market Niche 

While cannabis is used for its medicinal purpose in hospitals, a growing market niche of cannabis-infused beverages has increased in the world. Various countries are legalizing the production of cannabis products to tap from the untouched market niche of the cannibal products. In some countries, consumption of cannabis, its production in other consumer forms, is illegal. However, consumers steep tea bags and loose tea in the water at home, making a thrilling cannabis beverage for their use at home botanics West Coast .    

  • Increased Customers 

Cannabis-infused beverages have created a better consumption option for consumers. The tale of beverage popularity is aligned with fastest-growing cannabis consumer demographics comprising of new beverage consumers entering the market place. In contrast, regular edibles consumers look for something low calorie or to microdose.  

  • Legalized Consumer Production 

Countries have gone to a higher notch of tapping from the prevailing and increasing market share of the beverage production. The infusion of cannabis on beverages enhances easier absorption to the body giving the user a faster feel of the effect. It is, however, important for the user to read the product label carefully to know how much THC and CBD it contains.  

  • Appealing Products 

Most of the cannabis-infused beverages are appealing and can easily sell in the consumer markets. Consumers can be in a position to get the effects of the product without easily drawing attention to the lawmakers. Companies can make high turn-over on sale of appealing products. The cannabis beverages can be confused from other common beverages. They can as well be appealing to children and should be kept in a secure spot such as in lockable glass counter. 

It is worth noting that as with edibles, the serving sizes of the beverages should be carefully observed for safe enjoyment. In contrast, the beverages should be sold in licensed hotels and dispensaries. The beverage market is a growing one. Users of the beverages should note that the products contain a very high concentration of THC posing a risk of overconsumption or addiction.  

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What to know before Traveling with Cannabis around the World

Cannabis also is known as weed, pot or marijuana is a plant that is mostly used as a recreational ‘party drug’ and for medicinal purposes. It is used when the leaves, flower tops, stems, and seeds are dried for medicinal purposes and recreational. For both medical and recreation purposes cannabis is not legal in every state. If you’re considering purchasing or consuming cannabis it is advisable to check whether it is legal or not in your state. Even though cannabis is natural it has extremely strong impacts both positive and negative on the human body. 

How Cannabis can be Consumed  

  1. By vaping or puffing it. 
  1. By fermenting it and taking it as a tea.  
  1. By eating it as edibles, like sweets, brownies, or cookies.  
  1. By consuming it raw. 
  1. By putting it on as tropical medicine. 
  1. By consuming it as supplements or capsules. 

End Results of Cannabis 

Some of the components in cannabis are mind-altering and others aren’t. The balance of the components differs depending on the purpose it is meant to serve. Below are some shortlisted beneficial results of cannabis. 

  1. It gives a sense of relaxation. It can be used when one is extremely anxious and nervous to help relax.   
  1. It can be used when one has giddiness. 
  1. When one is experiencing low appetite it helps increase appetite. 
  1. It can be used to help focus better and help one be more creative. 

It also has some negative results that may include the following: 

  1. It can change the view of your events and time. 
  1. It can change your way of doing things and thinking. 
  1. It can cause anxiety and a delay in your reaction time. 
  1. It can bring about paranoia, increased heart rate, and decreased blood pressure. 
  1. It can cause lethargy and nausea. 

Why Cannabis is Illegal in some countries in the World 

  1. Democracy in public policy. If a substance is banned for a short time we can consider it to be unstable. But if it has been banned for a long time then it is very difficult to approve it. In many countries, due to the negative effects of cannabis, it has been banned for centuries.  
  1. Unbelievable advocacy. Seldomly does an advocate for cannabis legalization make a compelling case. They mostly argue that it cures diseases and promotes creativity, a closer relationship with God, moral progress, and open-mindedness. For people who don’t use it, it is too good to be true and unrealistic mainly because most cannabis users don’t replicate the same.  
  1. It is addictive. Cannabis is considered as a schedule one drug, therefore, assumed to be very addictive with a high possibility for abuse. 
  1. Unpopular lifestyles. Although people from all walks of life and ages use cannabis it has been associated with ‘stoners’ ( people who are not doing anything particularly with their lives). This stereotype has made it difficult for lawmakers to legalize cannabis. 
  1. Lack of a justifiable medical use. Cannabis is considered to have great medical benefits ranging from cancer to glaucoma but has not yet been accepted. Legalization advocates are looking to highlight the impact it has given to ailing users, unlike other legalized addictive drugs. 

In conclusion, it is important to know the legalization status of cannabis before visiting a state if you are intending to consume or purchase.  

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How to Travel with Cannabis the Right Way

Cannabis is a drug we know or hear about a lot. Most of the time we hear about it under negative  

circumstances: police have found and arrested some people smoking the drug. Or on a more prominent note, police arrested somebody else who was travelling with a large amount of it for sale. 

It happens that many countries consider cannabis an illegal drug. What is not clear is the very drug can also, under certain circumstances, have some legal use. It is in this respect that we start to consider how to travel with cannabis. 

But first, let us understand what this drug, with marijuana as it’s other name – among others – is all about. This is a psychoactive drug (from the cannabis plant) for medical and recreational use. Therefore, if you will have no excuse to use it recreationally, the medical aspect may not be easy to avoid. 

Travelling legally with cannabis 

You will often find yourself in a country where cannabis use is restricted. And knowing how to travel with cannabis for your medication use is crucial. Your health is a top priority – even the laws recognize that. Here is how to go about it. (The assumption here is that you are under genuine medication). 

Make sure the drug you carry is within the daily dosage limits according to the doctor’s prescription for one month. It will be alright if the daily dosage does not cover thirty days, but under no circumstances should it be more than one month.  

The prescription should be kept in its original container, clearly displaying the original label. At no time should you transfer the prescription to what you may consider a better or superior container. Doing so will contravene the two related conditions: the casing and the labelling.  

You must at all times carry supporting documents, which must include the registration slip at the clinic of origin, and the cashier receipt acknowledgement. 

Store the drug is such a way as to prevent any smell escaping from the container. A vacuum-sealed bag will help meet this condition. Your small parcel should not infringe on other people’ comfort. Some people could be allergic to the drug smell. 

Reducing the odds against you 

Some places may still consider possession of cannabis illegal irrespective of its use under prescription. This will affect medical users in two ways. It compromises their health and freedom. This is a matter to treat carefully but seriously. 

How to travel by air with cannabis is something you should plan for carefully. There are odds against you that you can easily beat. Fortunately, sniffer dogs at airports are out for explosives and related objects, not weed. Therefore, avoid carrying any luggage that is related to explosives. 

Discovery of explosive related material in your luggage may lead to the cannabis product, which in turn may make the officials to question you. 

You must package your drug discreetly, but when it is discovered give proof of its legality. Your have a right to good health and freedom order marijuana