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Best Strains of Cannabis for Chilling

The best strains of cannabis may not come cheap. This is where home grown cannabis comes in. This article guides cannabis users on how they can grow some of the best strains for chilling at home. It is useful for a novice grower as well as a seasoned marijuana farmer.

As a ganja farmer, one should first understand the important role genetics plays in the yield, aroma, taste, and overall traits of a plant. In the paragraphs that follow are some of the best cannabis strains and how to grow them.


It is advisable that harlequin is grown indoors in a controlled environment It takes approximately eight weeks to flower and produces a yield of 25 ounces per square meter. The temperature range for its growth is 72-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 20 degrees lower during the night. Many novice growers make the mistake of providing excess nutrients to the plants. In the early stages the nutrients in the soil provide enough sustenance. Use clean distilled water with a pH of 6.5- 7.0 to hydrate the plants. Avoid overwatering because if the soil is too soaked the plants could develop fungal diseases. When you feel like they are ready for harvest, check whether the pistils have changed color. Experts advise that one should wait until 80% of the pistils have changed color.

Northern Lights

Find the right genetics. Always remember that low quality genetics will always thwart your efforts. The northern lights takes six to seven weeks of flowering. During the vegetative period, plants require exposure to at least eighteen hours of light in a day. This is why it is important to use growlights for indoor growing.

These plants need high amounts of nitrogen in the vegetative state and high levels of potassium and phophorus in the flowering period. It’s optimal pH range is 6.0-7.0

It’s preferred temperature range is 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit and 10 degrees lower at night.


The blueberry is perfect for novice farmers looking to grow a strain with little effort. It is best grown outside. It usually takes seven to nine weeks of flowering after which it is ready for harvest. The favorable temperature range for it’s growth is 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit

OG Kush

This strain needs no introduction among cannabis users. It yields best when grown outdoors and its flowering duration is eight weeks. It needs enough calcium and magnesium as those are its major nutrients.

It does well at a temperature range of 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit and handles lower temperature better than most strains.

Blue Dream

This strain flowers best indoors as it is sensitive to changes in the climate. It is famous for its ravenous appetite. It’s most important nutrients are potassium, phophorus and nitrogen. It’s optimal pH is 6.0-7.0 ans it’s favorable temperature range is 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s flowering duration is  nine to ten weeks and yields 17-21 ounces per square meter.

Characteristics of Good Cannabis Soil

1.    The soil should contain nutrients.

2.    It should have optimal pH as we have seen.

3.    It should have good drainage as cannabis should not have wet feet for long.

4.    It should have good water retention. The soil should hold water and nutrients for a certain duration.

5.    It should have light texture to enable roots to grow easily with access to oxygen.

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The importance of cannabis education


Cannabis is a drug that has effects on the body and mind. There is also growing concern on the health effects of this drug. Legalization of cannabis has also been done in some countries, and in others, it remains illegal. Cannabis education is therefore crucial in empowering people on the health effects, ways in which the users can lower the risk associated with its use, and the legal implications. The importance of cannabis education is discussed below.

Empowering people on the health effects of cannabis

Cannabis use has both positive and negative effects on health. The positive include relieving pain, muscle relaxation, controlling nausea and vomiting, among other uses. An adverse effect may include psychosis, anxiousness, and distorted perception, among others. Cannabis education plays a role in empowering the public on the effects of marijuana on health. People will, therefore, make informed choices before embarking on the use of cannabis.

Controlling the risk of cannabis

The cannabis industry is growing, and it has now entered into beverage space. Many people are starting to use marijuana beverages because of its availability in the state, which has legalized the use of cannabis. Cannabis education is increasingly becoming essential as there is a need to teach people the possible risks of marijuana. People need to know the harmful effects of cannabis so that the risk associated with its use can be reduced.

Users of cannabis may be aware of the benefits, and sometimes they forget to weigh in the harmful effects. It is complicated for people to know how much they do not know. Cannabis education will bridge the gap and ensure they give a clear reflection of the risk involved in taking cannabis.  There is also a need for the parents to be educated on how to prevent their children from using cannabis knowingly or unknowingly. Cannabis-infused edibles are readily available even in supermarkets in those countries which have legalized its use. Children may end up consuming them, and this may endanger them. The report has shown that marijuana has adverse effects on children, with most of them requiring emergency medical attention. Cannabis education will ensure increased awareness by the public to decrease chances risk happening.

The legal implication of cannabis use

Cannabis has been the most misused drug around the world. Despite being illegal in most of the countries, millions of people are still using it. Cannabis education will teach people on the legal implication of the drug use so that they do not get on the wrong side of the law. The companies which are using cannabis in their product need also to follow the regulations in place. These companies benefit from cannabis education so that they make products suitable for human consumption.


Cannabis education has played a vital role in ensuring the proper use of marijuana drugs. It is still essential to develop different courses so that the public can be empowered on the health effects controlling risks and understanding the legal implication of cannabis.

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Reasons why investing in RRSP’s might not be right for you

There are many advantages and disadvantages that are associated with investing in RRSP’s. In case one is struggling in raising cash for the day’s activity, it is wise reconsider investing in RRSP’s. Investing in RRSP’s is a critical financial step for many employed people but it does work well for all. Before considering making any move towards saving for retirement, determined if Investing in RRSP’s is right. One should consider marginal tax rate prior to making a relevant decision. Here are some of the reasons that Investing in RRSP’s might not be right for an individual.  

One might have higher income in the near future 

Most people prefer Investing in RRSP’s since they are promised tax deductions and a refund. However, if an individual is entitled to a lower income, Investing in RRSP’s might not work well in the long run. Here, one should wait for some few years till income level rises. In case as individual is a higher bracket of tax, the higher the tax break issued. If one has just landed on the new job this may not be the perfect time for Investing in RRSP’s but should wait for some few year when income level rises. If an individual has some cash saved for investing in RRSP’s, the contribution can be made now but make a withdrawal request after one or two years down the road.  

If one has high- interest debt 

One might be affected by credit card debt and other high-interest debts; in this case it is not advisable Investing in RRSP’s. This is because; it will become impossible raising money for servicing the investment while raising money to cater for the existing hefty interest rates. However, it is not bad for an individual who lies in a lower tax bracket. But, one might consider Investing in RRSP’s when in higher tax bracket to cater for lower credit card debts. When deciding on Investing in RRSP’s it is not advisable to take on a vacation since existing debt will be there still and they may rise for using credit card during the vacation.  

One will be over contributing 

Most employed people are in dire need of maximizing while investing in RRSP’s contributions every year. It is advisable not to over contribute especially when an individual contributes almost to one limit. Over contributing should be avoided at all cost if possible. There is a severe penalty that is linked towards over contributing. In fact, one percent is charged in every month for every over contribution made. It is very possible to determine cases of over contributing whereby Investing in RRSP’s leads the holders in paying hefty penalties. These are some of the factors that would lead a holder from Investing in RRSP’s.  

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Comparison Between Cannabis Use During and Before Corona Virus

During this time, when people are under intense pressure to combat Corona virus, there are a few people in the open market to purchase and consume marijuana Unlike when people were not restricted anywhere and anytime, people have lowered their intake for drugs and substance use. Previously, people used to consume large amounts of bhang because it was convenient to them at any time. People could order for it either through online sites or from nearby shops, and get through delivery by the pickups or cars. It is evident enough for any person to notice change in intake of weed during this period and the other time prior to Corona virus outbreak. The comparison can be discussed in two phases including:

Before the onset of Corona virus

During this time, there was continued campaigns for legalization of bhang in many states especially those of America. People were able to attend to functions in night clubs where weed was smoked openly throughout the night until the end of the event. Also, there used to be open smoking in public where one could freely smoke marijuana at a time which they find appropriate to themselves. People was not restricted to move or travel to various places of their choice and also there were no regulations on time. People would treck long distances in such for cannabis. Similarly, were able to sell their products far away from their business premises. There used to be many people in the market and hence the market for bhang was highly available. There was relatively high demand compared to supply. Vehicles were not restricted to move and could therefore transport weed to their customers at any time. The total consumption for marijuana were incredibly high. There were many dispensers open.

After the outbreak if Corona virus

The consumption of marijuana has gone down ideally because the number of customers in the market has gone down. This is because of the dispensers and almost all shop that used to sell bhang have been closed down in fear of the workers to contract the virus. The government has also ordered for people to stay indoors, and has established lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19. From these directives, people have evacuated the town and gone to stay at their homes. Campaigns for legalization of cannabis are no longer carried out. This was after the government banned all public gatherings. Bhang smokers cannot order for weed because there are no means of delivery after the government prohibited all vehicles from operating.

In this case, therefore, the condition being experienced us worse for cannabis smokers. The only open shops for bhang are few to serve only those under recommendation to use weed to cure their infections. The only advantage that has come along with Corona virus on the effects of bhang is only that it has helped reduce the number of people in the rehabilitation centers. Most of these people suffer from depression which according to research can be controlled through weed smoking mail order marijuana

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Timeline of Cannabis Law in Kenya

Are you intending to travel to Kenya soon? Are you a Kenyan resident with no idea concerning cannabis? Whether you are a drug addict or just contemplating on drug usage, learn about the standing orders by the government of Kenya concerning the possession, production, supply and usage of cannabis in Kenya and a brief history concerning the timeline of cannabis law in Kenya. 

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a stimulant crop that is consumed for either medical or recreational purposes. For this reason, cannabis is a drug that is administered by the way of smoking or through the cannabis edibles. In Kenya, cannabis is known as bhang. 


It is a criminal offense for anyone to publicly or privately possess cannabis in Kenya buyweedonline . It is therefore punishable by a fine or imprisonment or both. Despite the pressure from within and outside Kenya to relax on this restriction, the government’s stand is very firm. 


For countries that have legalized cannabis production, the crop is produced for either commercial or domestic use. Commercial production is for manufactural and exportation purposes while domestic production is for personal or family use.  

In Kenya, there is zero production of cannabis as per the legal provisions. Anyone dealing in cannabis production is therefore a criminal. As such, he or she is liable to the court of law to pay a fine or to serve a jail as the court may decide.  


For anyone with an intention to supply cannabis within the Kenyan territory, he or she is advised not to dare do that. There is total ban on drug trafficking in Kenya. Penalties apply just like in possession and production of cannabis cases. 

The History of Cannabis in Kenya  

Since Kenya has not given into the  external and internal pressures to legalize cannabis consumption, little information has been captured in this article concerning the timeline of cannabis law in Kenya. Despite the strict regulations on drugs control in Kenya, it is evident that large amounts of cannabis are under trafficking.  

In police custodies, seized cannabis is kept in stores as culprits are serving the jail. According to the 2018 World drugs and crime, cannabis trafficking is now uncontrolled. 

Timeline of cannabis law in Kenya is summarized as below: 

  • Prior to Independence, cannabis was banned under the 1933 Dangerous Drugs Act. The Act was later replaced by the Narcotic  Drugs and Psychotropic Substance (Control) Act in 1994. 
  • In the year 2018, a cannabis draft bill was presented in the parliament. The bill was presented by the Kibra member of parliament being seconded by the health and commerce stakeholders. According to the bill, cannabis trading can substantially boost the economy by reducing unemployment levels. The health sector stakeholders on the other hand claim that controlled cannabis use is beneficial to a person’s health. 

With all these  on the table, the government agencies are researching more on cannabis use. Preparations and implementations are underway incase the cannabis decriminalization bill is passed in the parliament. 

As a nature of decision making process, comparisons are made on the pros and cons of any course of action. As for Kenya, it doesn’t have to blindly follow the decisions of other states but instead, a detailed search of ideas on the subject matter should be undertaken so that the decision bears fruits.  

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Finding the right cannabis education method

Traditionally, people were getting information on cannabis by word of mouth from cultivators and users of the drug. For a long time, the cannabis business has been operating in the black market. It has survived stringent legislation, and now different states are legalizing its use. There is doubt among the business people on whether cannabis education is crucial for them. With the changing laws and fast growth in the cannabis industry, there is a need for this education. Many people will ask how? The answers may vary since there are many methods in which people can access cannabis education This article examines the different ways of cannabis education.

The internet
Within the comfort of a home, one can get so much information on cannabis. Google such allows the current generation to get cannabis education at the comfort of their homes. In the recent past, people were relying on magazines and newspapers to get information. Although this is still in use, the internet is now taking the information industry. People who have an interest in cannabis education can connect with the like-minded individual through social media platforms. Exchange of ideas can take place through these platforms, and it is informing people like never before. Watching videos and talks can be done comfortably at home through YouTube channels. Media has also come in to provide cannabis education by giving accurate messages on the drug. If one is interested in cannabis and has no time to attend classes, then the internet is the right way to go.

One cannot reap without sowing is a common phrase that is applicable in the business community. The cannabis industry is becoming lucrative, and companies are getting millions of dollars in profit annually. This is happening in states where cannabis has been made legal. Many people are considering entering into the rapidly growing cannabis industry. It is, therefore, worth investing in a cannabis course so that one can go into the business armed with vast knowledge. This way, success is almost guaranteed. There are colleges in the US that are certified to offer a course to the cannabis farmers, and others educate other professionals in the field. Some universities offer courses on cannabis law, policy, and biology. Cannabis education is also offered through online classes. Universities and colleges are now making availing of their courses online so that they can reach the majority of people.

People should network with other like-minded cannabis entrepreneurs . Business people who operated in the black market in the past passed down information from that generation to another. The training was done through peer support and obtaining feedback. One should use the network of the cannabis community to get educated.

There are different ways in which people can get cannabis education Bud365 Dispensary It ranges from the internet, coursework, and networking, among others. The right method of training will depend on availability, the state, and the needs of the individual.

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Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis Penalties

As more states and countries continue to legalize the use, growth, and sale of cannabis, drivers all over the country have started driving while under the influence of the herb. This has, in turn, raised a red alert on the roads, as the rates in which drivers are causing accidents have gained traction. This being the case therefore, you shoulda tall times avoid driving while under the influence of cannabis, as this may make you cause accidents to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. This article will, therefore, delve into the penalties that you risk being punished with, once you are charged with driving while stoned.

Jail Term

One of the possible outcomes of your driving while under the influence of cannabis from Peak420 charge is being incarcerated. The amount of time that you can be incarcerated depends on the seriousness of the charge. Being incarcerated can, therefore, make you lose your job or spend some time away from your family which is not worth it. That is why you should at all times avoid driving while under the influence of cannabis in order to avoid serving some time in jail.


The other possible outcome of your driving while under the influence of cannabis is being bombarded with fines. Just like jail time, the amount of fines that you will be required to pay is dependent on the seriousness of the charge. Once you are fined, you will, in turn, lose your hard-earned cash thus making you make losses which is not worth it. Always avoid driving while under the influence of cannabis.

Community Service

In case you are found guilty of driving while under the influence of cannabis, you may be required to participate in some community service so that you can suffer the consequences. However, this penalty is mostly given to those drivers whose DUI is not that serious. The number of days in which you are supposed to do the community service work is dependent on the seriousness of your offence. Some of the community services work that you could be asked to do include participating in cleaning the streets among others.

License Suspension

In case the jury that is handling your case finds you guilty of driving under the influence of cannabis, they could suspend the validity of your driver’s license. They do this so as to curtail you from driving and being a threat to the lives of other motorists on the roads. This, therefore, means that you will not be able to drive, which can be very detrimental especially in case your work involves driving. That is why you should always avoid driving while stoned at all costs.

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How to Build Value Of your Vacation Rental Property in SFlorida

How to Build Value Of your Vacation Rental Property in S.Florida

The vacation Real Estate property investment in South Florida is flourishing but very competitive. In order to survive you have to keep your property in the best shape so that it will always attract the potential renters and keep those who have rented before coming back. Word of mouth is a great marketing for your but that will only happen if the value that you give your renters outweighs the price that you charge them. Here are some simple yet effective ways of building the value of your vacation rental property in South Florida.

Interior design – the interior design of your property is what sells your Real Pro official property to the people. When marketing your property you will need to take many high quality photos of the house to use in the listing websites. The high quality photos will not do the trick when the interior of the house is of low quality itself. Having a good interior keeps your customers comfortable throughout their stay period which in turn becomes five star reviews for you and therefore your business grows. Change everything from the electronics, furniture, the wallpaper, rags, carpets, beddings, the bed and every other aspect that you thing might affect your business and the comfort of your customers. Having a great interior design also means that your property will increase in value and therefore when reselling you will ask for much more since the buyers can already see value.

Customer service – you are a small business and the people renting from you probably don’t know you. The only way to earn their trust is by providing superb customer service that is transparent and immediately responsive. Ensure also that you offer customer service that is personalized to your customers. Respond quickly to them and even give them a phone call so that they feel much closer to you. You should show them that you are easily and readily available in case they run into any issues. With such great customer service you are able to make a great first impression that your customers will take with them.

Great Guest Experience – you need to ensure also that you provide a great guest experience for your renters. Provide for them toiletries of high quality, soft and clean linens and beddings, clean towels of different sizes, dish cleaning products, high quality soaps and ensure that the house is sparkling clean always. Do not forget the lawn or outside the house. Ensure that the items they need are replenished daily and they are always fresh. There is no excuse to give here. When people are looking for a vacation home in South Florida, cleanliness and guest experience is what they consider the most. No one wants to spend their money to live in filthy conditions.

With these three tips you can be able to attract and keep customers by giving them more value in your vacation rental property investment in South Florida.

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Considerations When Choosing A Vacation Rental Property in S Florida

Considerations When Choosing A Vacation Rental Property in S Florida

If you are looking to invest in a vacation rental property in South Florida, then you know that the market is competitive there. There are quite a number of other vacation homes and hotels that you have to compete with If you are to make your investment profitable. It is imperative therefore that you choose a AFIRE vacation rental property that you are able to leverage properly for the maximum benefits for your personal use and also as a business. Here are some considerations to put in place to get the best vacation rental property in South Florida.

Type of house – there are many types of vacation houses that you can choose in South Florida. There are the town houses, condominiums or condos, apartments, single family homes, fractional ownership units and so many others. The choice here might boil down to preference but research has shown that investing in small houses that will keep the budget down for the renters is your best bet in making it big in South Florida. Most of the tourists will work with a budget and when they find a vacation rental property that will give them value for the best prices they are more than happy to take it.

Long term plans – you should consider what your long term plans for the property are when making a decision to purchase use Real Pro here Do you intend to sell it or do you want it to become your retirement home. When you have decided this you will be able to make the choice based on what will help you in the long run.

Market trends – you should keep abreast with the latest market trends in South Florida. The markets keep changing and this therefore means that you need to be updated and informed on what is happening. There are websites that you can visit to see what the markets are like in South Florida or find real estate magazines that will keep you informed. Things to look out for include whether the market is flooded with houses, what the prices are, how many sales are being made and so forth. With this information you are able to decide whether it is the right time to buy and whether you are getting a bargain.

Access – the vacation property that you decide to purchase should be very accessible to the people and also to you for when you need it. This however is not a big problem for most vacation homes in South Florida. They are easily accessible and they help the tourists make the most of their time in the area.

With these factors in mind you will be able to purchase a vacation rental property in South Florida that make you money and serve you in the long run too. 

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Top Vacation Investments Options In South Florida

Top 5 Benefits of a Rental Property Investment

If you have considered investing in real estate then rental property investment must have gotten your attention. It is one of the most preferred real estate investment methods worldwide. Actually right now the rental market is booming as millennials prefer to rent rather than own a home. Homeownership has also become very expensive because the prices for buying a home have increased significantly with income remaining the same. This also leaves renting as the main option most people have. Here are the top benefits you will get from rental property investment.

Passive income– this might be the biggest benefit for you. With a rental income, you will get recurring income every month without having to do much to get it. A rental property lasts long and as long as it is where you are sure to have your rental income coming in. Before engaging in the rental property income you should do proper research to ensure that the operational costs and the mortgage do not exceed the monthly rental income. Further, rental income is not taxed the same way business is taxed. With a rental income, you tax breaks that help you save more.  Make sure you get all the plumbing checked by Mr. Swirl or else you might have some serious issues.

Value appreciation– with a rental property investment you are able to wait for a long time for the value of the property to appreciate if you want to make a sale. As you rent out the property you make money and offset the mortgage. As the loan amortization happens, your equity increases and eventually your property becomes worth a lot of money since the income coming from it increases. You are not in a hurry to sell the property at a low price because you are also benefiting from the phone number to book classes.

You can use the home– if your rental investment is home, you always have the option to move back in and settle in it when you want. If you have a vacation home you can always use it as your retirement home later on in life.

You can wait to sell at the right time– if you have an investment property in Florida that you want to sell but you feel that the market is not right yet for you to make the profit you want, renting it out gives you the flexibility to wait until the market is right so you can sell your property for the prices you wanted or better even.

Security– if you have a second home that is not inhabited, then it is not secure from vandalism. Small maintenance problems also escalate to become bigger issues causing damage to your house. A beat-up house will have a lower value. When you rent out the house, it stays in good conditions and maintenance is done regularly. This maintains your property in good conditions.

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