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What to know before Traveling with Cannabis around the World

Cannabis also is known as weed, pot or marijuana is a plant that is mostly used as a recreational ‘party drug’ and for medicinal purposes. It is used when the leaves, flower tops, stems, and seeds are dried for medicinal purposes and recreational. For both medical and recreation purposes cannabis is not legal in every state. If you’re considering purchasing or consuming cannabis it is advisable to check whether it is legal or not in your state. Even though cannabis is natural it has extremely strong impacts both positive and negative on the human body. 

How Cannabis can be Consumed  

  1. By vaping or puffing it. 
  1. By fermenting it and taking it as a tea.  
  1. By eating it as edibles, like sweets, brownies, or cookies.  
  1. By consuming it raw. 
  1. By putting it on as tropical medicine. 
  1. By consuming it as supplements or capsules. 

End Results of Cannabis 

Some of the components in cannabis are mind-altering and others aren’t. The balance of the components differs depending on the purpose it is meant to serve. Below are some shortlisted beneficial results of cannabis. 

  1. It gives a sense of relaxation. It can be used when one is extremely anxious and nervous to help relax.   
  1. It can be used when one has giddiness. 
  1. When one is experiencing low appetite it helps increase appetite. 
  1. It can be used to help focus better and help one be more creative. 

It also has some negative results that may include the following: 

  1. It can change the view of your events and time. 
  1. It can change your way of doing things and thinking. 
  1. It can cause anxiety and a delay in your reaction time. 
  1. It can bring about paranoia, increased heart rate, and decreased blood pressure. 
  1. It can cause lethargy and nausea. 

Why Cannabis is Illegal in some countries in the World 

  1. Democracy in public policy. If a substance is banned for a short time we can consider it to be unstable. But if it has been banned for a long time then it is very difficult to approve it. In many countries, due to the negative effects of cannabis, it has been banned for centuries.  
  1. Unbelievable advocacy. Seldomly does an advocate for cannabis legalization make a compelling case. They mostly argue that it cures diseases and promotes creativity, a closer relationship with God, moral progress, and open-mindedness. For people who don’t use it, it is too good to be true and unrealistic mainly because most cannabis users don’t replicate the same.  
  1. It is addictive. Cannabis is considered as a schedule one drug, therefore, assumed to be very addictive with a high possibility for abuse. 
  1. Unpopular lifestyles. Although people from all walks of life and ages use cannabis it has been associated with ‘stoners’ ( people who are not doing anything particularly with their lives). This stereotype has made it difficult for lawmakers to legalize cannabis. 
  1. Lack of a justifiable medical use. Cannabis is considered to have great medical benefits ranging from cancer to glaucoma but has not yet been accepted. Legalization advocates are looking to highlight the impact it has given to ailing users, unlike other legalized addictive drugs. 

In conclusion, it is important to know the legalization status of cannabis before visiting a state if you are intending to consume or purchase.  

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Timeline of Cannabis Law in Kenya

Are you intending to travel to Kenya soon? Are you a Kenyan resident with no idea concerning cannabis? Whether you are a drug addict or just contemplating on drug usage, learn about the standing orders by the government of Kenya concerning the possession, production, supply and usage of cannabis in Kenya and a brief history concerning the timeline of cannabis law in Kenya.

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a stimulant crop that is consumed for either medical or recreational purposes. For this reason, cannabis is a drug that is administered by the way of smoking or through the cannabis edibles. In Kenya, cannabis is known as bhang.


It is a criminal offense for anyone to publicly or privately possess cannabis in Kenya. It is therefore punishable by a fine or imprisonment or both. Despite the pressure from within and outside Kenya to relax on this restriction, the government’s stand is very firm.


For countries that have legalized cannabis production, the crop is produced for either commercial or domestic use. Commercial production is for manufactural and exportation purposes while domestic production is for personal or family use.

In Kenya, there is zero production of cannabis as per the legal provisions. Anyone dealing in cannabis production is therefore a criminal. As such, he or she is liable to the court of law to pay a fine or to serve a jail as the court may decide.


For anyone with an intention to supply cannabis within the Kenyan territory, he or she is advised not to dare do that. There is total ban on drug trafficking in Kenya. Penalties apply just like in possession and production of cannabis cases.

The History of Cannabis in Kenya

Since Kenya has not given into the  external and internal pressures to legalize cannabis consumption, little information has been captured in this article concerning the timeline of cannabis law in Kenya. Despite the strict regulations on drugs control in Kenya, it is evident that large amounts of cannabis are under trafficking.

In police custodies, seized cannabis is kept in stores as culprits are serving the jail. According to the 2018 World drugs and crime, cannabis trafficking is now uncontrolled.

Timeline of cannabis law in Kenya is summarized as below:

  • Prior to Independence, cannabis was banned under the 1933 Dangerous Drugs Act. The Act was later replaced by the Narcotic  Drugs and Psychotropic Substance (Control) Act in 1994.
  • In the year 2018, a cannabis draft bill was presented in the parliament. The bill was presented by the Kibra member of parliament being seconded by the health and commerce stakeholders. According to the bill, cannabis trading can substantially boost the economy by reducing unemployment levels. The health sector stakeholders on the other hand claim that controlled cannabis use is beneficial to a person’s health.

With all these  on the table, the government agencies are researching more on cannabis use. Preparations and implementations are underway incase the cannabis decriminalization bill is passed in the parliament.

As a nature of decision making process, comparisons are made on the pros and cons of any course of action. As for Kenya, it doesn’t have to blindly follow the decisions of other states but instead, a detailed search of ideas on the subject matter should be undertaken so that the decision bears fruits.

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