There are many advantages and disadvantages that are associated with investing in RRSP’s. In case one is struggling in raising cash for the day’s activity, it is wise reconsider investing in RRSP’s. Investing in RRSP’s is a critical financial step for many employed people but it does work well for all. Before considering making any move towards saving for retirement, determined if Investing in RRSP’s is right. One should consider marginal tax rate prior to making a relevant decision. Here are some of the reasons that Investing in RRSP’s might not be right for an individual.  

One might have higher income in the near future 

Most people prefer Investing in RRSP’s since they are promised tax deductions and a refund. However, if an individual is entitled to a lower income, Investing in RRSP’s might not work well in the long run. Here, one should wait for some few years till income level rises. In case as individual is a higher bracket of tax, the higher the tax break issued. If one has just landed on the new job this may not be the perfect time for Investing in RRSP’s but should wait for some few year when income level rises. If an individual has some cash saved for investing in RRSP’s, the contribution can be made now but make a withdrawal request after one or two years down the road.  

If one has high- interest debt 

One might be affected by credit card debt and other high-interest debts; in this case it is not advisable Investing in RRSP’s. This is because; it will become impossible raising money for servicing the investment while raising money to cater for the existing hefty interest rates. However, it is not bad for an individual who lies in a lower tax bracket. But, one might consider Investing in RRSP’s when in higher tax bracket to cater for lower credit card debts. When deciding on Investing in RRSP’s it is not advisable to take on a vacation since existing debt will be there still and they may rise for using credit card during the vacation.  

One will be over contributing 

Most employed people are in dire need of maximizing while investing in RRSP’s contributions every year. It is advisable not to over contribute especially when an individual contributes almost to one limit. Over contributing should be avoided at all cost if possible. There is a severe penalty that is linked towards over contributing. In fact, one percent is charged in every month for every over contribution made. It is very possible to determine cases of over contributing whereby Investing in RRSP’s leads the holders in paying hefty penalties. These are some of the factors that would lead a holder from Investing in RRSP’s.  

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