During this time, when people are under intense pressure to combat Corona virus, there are a few people in the open market to purchase and consume marijuana Unlike when people were not restricted anywhere and anytime, people have lowered their intake for drugs and substance use. Previously, people used to consume large amounts of bhang because it was convenient to them at any time. People could order for it either through online sites or from nearby shops, and get through delivery by the pickups or cars. It is evident enough for any person to notice change in intake of weed during this period and the other time prior to Corona virus outbreak. The comparison can be discussed in two phases including:

Before the onset of Corona virus

During this time, there was continued campaigns for legalization of bhang in many states especially those of America. People were able to attend to functions in night clubs where weed was smoked openly throughout the night until the end of the event. Also, there used to be open smoking in public where one could freely smoke marijuana at a time which they find appropriate to themselves. People was not restricted to move or travel to various places of their choice and also there were no regulations on time. People would treck long distances in such for cannabis. Similarly, were able to sell their products far away from their business premises. There used to be many people in the market and hence the market for bhang was highly available. There was relatively high demand compared to supply. Vehicles were not restricted to move and could therefore transport weed to their customers at any time. The total consumption for marijuana were incredibly high. There were many dispensers open.

After the outbreak if Corona virus

The consumption of marijuana has gone down ideally because the number of customers in the market has gone down. This is because of the dispensers and almost all shop that used to sell bhang have been closed down in fear of the workers to contract the virus. The government has also ordered for people to stay indoors, and has established lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19. From these directives, people have evacuated the town and gone to stay at their homes. Campaigns for legalization of cannabis are no longer carried out. This was after the government banned all public gatherings. Bhang smokers cannot order for weed because there are no means of delivery after the government prohibited all vehicles from operating.

In this case, therefore, the condition being experienced us worse for cannabis smokers. The only open shops for bhang are few to serve only those under recommendation to use weed to cure their infections. The only advantage that has come along with Corona virus on the effects of bhang is only that it has helped reduce the number of people in the rehabilitation centers. Most of these people suffer from depression which according to research can be controlled through weed smoking mail order marijuana