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How to Buy Weed Online in Canada

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, buying weed online is perhaps the smartest thing you can do. Running out of weed, having to go all the way to the town, and observing social distance in the stores can be a little worrying and tiring.  Buying weed online is convenient and can be done from the comfort of your home buy weed online

Since the legalization of weed in 2018, many citizens of Canada are still in the unknown on how to purchase weed online. Before its legalization, buying weed was entirely restricted to medical patients only. However, as of now, it can be bought for recreational purposes. This has led to increased demand for the product. 

Due to the increased demand for weed, distribution has now been left in the hands of the individual Canadian provinces. So before you opt to buy weed online, be sure to know your province’s rules and regulations about the purchase and storage of the product. 

Purchasing weed in Canada is a simple process for regular customers and new buyers. There are no loopholes in the process and there is surety of making a purchase and delivery. Everything is done professionally and by the policies enacted in each respective province. This is for the safe and responsible distribution of weed. 

So how do you purchase weed online in Canada? 

First, you need to create an online account on the online cannabis store. Though it may be a little time-consuming, you only need to do it once. Your information will be saved and you won’t have to repeat the process. Thus, it should be your priority to access your province’s online cannabis store for registration. 

Creating an online account at the online store web page is the only surety that you will be able to buy your product. Besides, some stores will require you to have a permanent account. However, others for the sake of your security and privacy will allow you to sign in as a guest if you do not want your details saved online. 

The online creation of an account requires your standard personal information, This includes your name and the address from the province you are buying in. It will also require your payment information. This is a legal procedure in Canada before you make any weed purchase. Some sites might require your ID photo on the website or upon delivery. This is for verification and proof of age. 

After the creation of an online account and verification of payment, the retailer will then process your order and pack your weed. The package will be sent to your house via postal mail or whichever form of shipment you will have chosen. The delivery time usually depends on the location and the company you made your purchase from. Some companies have multiple stores in different locations which will help speed up the delivery process. 

You can buy your weed online from different stores. Some of the stores are run by the province’s government while others are private ones. You might need to consider if the company is licensed by the government, the reputation of the products it sells, and how they provide a secure checkout process on their website to avoid scammers.  

Buying weeds online is a convenient and legal way of obtaining the product in Canada. It is a simple task that saves you energy and time. However, you should be of legal age. 

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Types of Edibles Cannabis

Edibles are products mostly food or drinks made with cannabis. They are mostly infused and are used as an alternative to smoking or injecting. They are mostly meant for people who may not be comfortable with smoking or injecting themselves. The most common Edibles are the cookies although there are many other types. In this article will focus on the four main types of THC Edibles, their benefits, taste and side effects from the most common to the cheapest and easiest to prepare. 

Four Main Types Of THC Edibles 

1.Cannabis-infused Drinks. 

Drinks are very easy to take and that’s the main reason why most Edible companies have invested a lot of energy in experimenting with cannabis -infused drinks like tea soft drinks or even alcohol. The drinks ar metabolized in the stomach and the nutrients then absorbed into the blood stream. The main importance of this THC is that it medical cannabis can be injected directly into the blood stream by use of syringes or by dripping method. The bound water from the drinks also keeps our bodies hydrated which is and added health benefit. 

2.Cannabis-Infused Foods 

Cannabis cookies which are most common falls in this category. This type is also important since nutrients from the food is absorbed into the body giving one health bonefishes are very easy to prepare. Not only companies prepare the but a person can also prepare for home use in low quantities as long you can get all the raw materials needed. The main factor considered here is the ration in which a using the best ratio gives you the best taste. They have no side effects only they people with allergies can’t take some food thus limiting the consumers. 3.Cannabinoid Powder 

This is the best yet not very common type which can turn almost everything into and HTC edible. Its a tasteless and odorless powder. The best thing about it is that only can be added to anything from tea to food to snacks to juices. It’s meant for people who don’t like the taste of cannabis or it’s odor but still want to consume it. The powder is still very new in the market and hence the very low intake. Its also very affordable and is easily available. As per the moment there is no proven side effects but doesn’t mean it’s one hundred percent safe but it’s benefits are more than its effect which means that it’s passed for consumption by almost everyone. No case of allergies yet reported. 


This edible is also common since it’s put in the base of our mouths. Our mouths are made up of very thin semi-permiable membranes this allows some nutrients to pass through. That is why it will allow the Tincture to pass through and get absorbed into the blood stream easily. They have no known side effects yet. 

Bottom line 

The above HTC edibles can be used by almost everyone who wants to use cannabis as an alternative treatment and they are the best and most easy to get as long as you don’t overdo them. Also make sure that you have license before putting up an HTC edibles company marijuana delivery

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Changes to American Cannabis Laws

The use, sale, and possession of cannabis over 0.3 THC in the United States, despite state laws is illegal under federal law. However, individual states have enacted legislation permitting exemptions for medical and adult use. This article therefore is going to focus on various states and the kind of changes they’ve made to cannabis laws within such states.

Main Changes to American Cannabis Laws 

Several United States of America reflected on the legalization of cannabis. Some of the states linked to this kind of reforms included Florida, New Jersey, Arizona, New York, and Mexico. Only 23 states in America allow citizen-initiated ballot initiatives, implying that in several states the only way to reform Cannabis Laws is through the legislature. 

Recent statistics shows that 68% of the Americans support making of cannabis use legal and around 90% support allowing medical cannabis use. The following are some of the remarkable changes to marijuana use in America. 

Cannabis will now be sold mainly for recreational purpose and other cannabis products being sold in the state of Illinois. By the start of the New Year’s Day, people over the age of 21 with a pertinent identification will be in a position to buy recreational cannabis  fom authorised retailers. Illinois has other cannabis-related laws in the pipeline for 2020, including a law that will allow students who are medical cannabis patients to use cannabis products on school grounds or at school activities. 

Recreational use of cannabis in Arizona state is now legal. Possession and cultivation of recreational cannabis became legal on November 30, 2020, with the first state licensed sales occurring on January 22, 2021. However, this is only applicable for individuals who are over the age of 21 and patients of any age with qualifying conditions. Adults can possess up to one ounce(28grams) at a time and grow six plants. 

In Mexico, the Supreme Court ruled that the country’s absolute ban on recreational Marijuana use was unconstitutional. This was a reform made on October 2018 with the effective date being extended by the highest court of the Mexican land to April 30, 2020, for the legislature to pass the law. 

In addition to all these, cannabis is no longer a controlled substance for MLB. The Major League Baseball(MLB) and the MLB players union officially agreed to remove cannabis from the major and minor league’s list of Drug Abuse. This fortunately makes MLB the first American sports league to reduce its punishments for cannabis use. Starting 2020 spring training, cannabis consumption by players was treated the same as alcohol use. 

Based on several health benefits linked to the use of cannabis, I think it would be advisable for all states within the America to adopt and if possible legalize the use of cannabis. The federal government should facilitate the use of this drug too but set maximum daily intake for each and every individual wishing to use such kind of drugs. this will be of great significance considering the fact that it can help regulate various health defects within the human body including the prevention of the incidences of cancer occurrence and development.  

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How to Travel with Cannabis the Right Way

Cannabis is a drug we know or hear about a lot. Most of the time we hear about it under negative  

circumstances: police have found and arrested some people smoking the drug. Or on a more prominent note, police arrested somebody else who was travelling with a large amount of it for sale. 

It happens that many countries consider cannabis an illegal drug. What is not clear is the very drug can also, under certain circumstances, have some legal use. It is in this respect that we start to consider how to travel with cannabis. 

But first, let us understand what this drug, with marijuana as it’s other name – among others – is all about. This is a psychoactive drug (from the cannabis plant) for medical and recreational use. Therefore, if you will have no excuse to use it recreationally, the medical aspect may not be easy to avoid. 

Travelling legally with cannabis 

You will often find yourself in a country where cannabis use is restricted. And knowing how to travel with cannabis for your medication use is crucial. Your health is a top priority – even the laws recognize that. Here is how to go about it. (The assumption here is that you are under genuine medication). 

Make sure the drug you carry is within the daily dosage limits according to the doctor’s prescription for one month. It will be alright if the daily dosage does not cover thirty days, but under no circumstances should it be more than one month.  

The prescription should be kept in its original container, clearly displaying the original label. At no time should you transfer the prescription to what you may consider a better or superior container. Doing so will contravene the two related conditions: the casing and the labelling.  

You must at all times carry supporting documents, which must include the registration slip at the clinic of origin, and the cashier receipt acknowledgement. 

Store the drug is such a way as to prevent any smell escaping from the container. A vacuum-sealed bag will help meet this condition. Your small parcel should not infringe on other people’ comfort. Some people could be allergic to the drug smell. 

Reducing the odds against you 

Some places may still consider possession of cannabis illegal irrespective of its use under prescription. This will affect medical users in two ways. It compromises their health and freedom. This is a matter to treat carefully but seriously. 

How to travel by air with cannabis is something you should plan for carefully. There are odds against you that you can easily beat. Fortunately, sniffer dogs at airports are out for explosives and related objects, not weed. Therefore, avoid carrying any luggage that is related to explosives. 

Discovery of explosive related material in your luggage may lead to the cannabis product, which in turn may make the officials to question you. 

You must package your drug discreetly, but when it is discovered give proof of its legality. Your have a right to good health and freedom order marijuana 

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Medical Cannabis for the Seniors

Cannabis, also known as Marijuana or weed is a substance derived from a plant known as Cannabis Sativa (hemp). The substance is derived from the dried flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves of the plant. 

The cannabis product is usually used for leisure, medical purposes, and in some cases for religious and spiritual rites. It can produce a pleasant and soothing effect, and at times treats the symptoms of several ailments.  

Cannabis can be used in several ways. It may be smoked, consumed in foodstuffs such as candy, cookies, and brownies, brewed as a tea, eaten raw, taken as a capsule, or in a supplement. It can also be applied as a topical remedy. Some components in cannabis are psychoactive, altering the mind from its usual state. The strength and balance of this substance may change depending on how the plant is grown and processed. 

On medical grounds, the drug is known to assist in the management of persistent pain in grown-ups, nausea, and vomiting that arises from chemotherapy procedures, and also soothe some symptoms of multiple sclerosis. It is also known to help rectify or lessen some form of sleep disorders, loss of appetite, and anxiety. 

A person using cannabis may experience a feeling of elation and relaxation. One may also perceive alterations in time, color, and space. It also increases appetite and one tends to feel more talkative. 

Despite being a largely abused drug, many nations are now legalizing marijuana for recreational or medical reasons. However, it’s possession is considered illegal in several countries.  

It is notable that more elderly patients now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of medical cannabis with their medical doctors to use the drug in the treatment of certain symptoms. These patients are reportedly persons in their 60s and above. Some suffer kidney failure and need to manage constant pain, but cannot take prescribed pain killers. Also coming up to discuss medical cannabis are patients in their 90s who need something that will calm them to sleep, but won’t use prescribed sleeping pills for fear of their side effects. Medical cannabis is now increasingly used for pain, anxiety, and insomnia.  

The use of medical marijuana in adults over the age of 65 is slowly rising as some physicians recommend its use in their daily practices.  

An increased interest in the use of this drug among seniors has been brought about by many factors. One of them is a decline in the stigma that is linked to cannabis. 

Medical cannabis has worked well with the seniors but is expected to have some side effects such as an increase in heart rate. Despite this, the trend is moving towards greater acceptability of the substance in the larger society. 

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Cannabis cooking ideas

Have you ever stuck wondering what to have for your meals? No need to worry this article will help you figure out what’s you will put on your mouth. General public’s perceptions of cannabis decidedly different than it was years back. Thanks, it has only taken a few years for the edible market to transform it into a limited sub-niche to the Megabucks industry in its own way. Recently, there are however various edible options from licensed dispensaries. They are legal recreationally in a number of states. We have got you covered and we couple of delicious recipes for you!  


With cannabis recipe, cannabis-infused oil will be the easiest way to turn any of your recipes into. You’ll only need to decarboxylate your weed into the oven, then put it into a saucepan with oil then strain your base with leftovers buds leaving you with a simple potent base for cooking. 

Hash yogurt 

This recipe is recommended for beginners and it is just an ideal recipe if you want to include cannabis to your cooking. With minimal ingredients, it is the best meal at any time and can also make a good dessert. You can also make your own in a couple of minutes. 

You will need; 

Cooking pan 



A joint’s worth of hash 

A tub of yogurt 


You will first need to pour the oil into frying pan (preferably coconut oil) at a low to medium heat 

Crumble your hash into melted cooking oil 

Leave it for a couple of minutes over the heat and let your oil and hash to melt and mix 

Use a spoon to stir the combination 

Once mixed, pour the mixture into your yogurt and combine, and with that your hash yogurt will be ready for a meal. 


This is the chocoholic recipe. This simply combines cannabis-infused patella. Should you need to make your own Nutella it is easier with this simple recipe. 

You will need; 

A jar of Nutella 

Cannabis-infused oil 

Mixing bowl 

Firstly, put your preferred amount of Nutella into a mixing bowl. Mix one dose of cannabis oil in every Nutella serving, then stir until the oil is evenly disturbed through the chocolate. Ensure that you do not see oil in the mixture. You can then keep the mixture in the fridge and you can eat it any way you want. 

Cannabis ice-cream 

Do you need a good ice-cream? We have got you covered with the chilled recipe, pretty easy to make, and perhaps the best dessert all time. Here are all you need to make yourself one. 

You need; 

A mixing bowl 

Two saucepans 

About 75 grams of sugar  

500ml ice-cream 

50 grams can abutter 


Pace your ice-cream in a saucepan over medium heat until you bring it to summer. 

Using the other saucepan melt you can a butter, add sugar and let the mixture melt together to form a sweet and cannabis-rich liquid. You can smash fruit of your choice in a bowl to add flavor. Smash until it reaches the desired texture then add to a large container. Place your mixture into a freezer for a couple of hours until it is frozen and it will be ready for you to enjoy! 

Do you wish to enjoy the best and delicious meal? There you have it: Cooking with Cannabis can be a simple, creative, and delicious way to medicate. Cannabis cooking ideas got all you need weed delivery vancouver 

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Timeline of Cannabis Law in Kenya

Are you intending to travel to Kenya soon? Are you a Kenyan resident with no idea concerning cannabis? Whether you are a drug addict or just contemplating on drug usage, learn about the standing orders by the government of Kenya concerning the possession, production, supply and usage of cannabis in Kenya and a brief history concerning the timeline of cannabis law in Kenya.

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a stimulant crop that is consumed for either medical or recreational purposes. For this reason, cannabis is a drug that is administered by the way of smoking or through the cannabis edibles. In Kenya, cannabis is known as bhang.


It is a criminal offense for anyone to publicly or privately possess cannabis in Kenya. It is therefore punishable by a fine or imprisonment or both. Despite the pressure from within and outside Kenya to relax on this restriction, the government’s stand is very firm.


For countries that have legalized cannabis production, the crop is produced for either commercial or domestic use. Commercial production is for manufactural and exportation purposes while domestic production is for personal or family use.

In Kenya, there is zero production of cannabis as per the legal provisions. Anyone dealing in cannabis production is therefore a criminal. As such, he or she is liable to the court of law to pay a fine or to serve a jail as the court may decide.


For anyone with an intention to supply cannabis within the Kenyan territory, he or she is advised not to dare do that. There is total ban on drug trafficking in Kenya. Penalties apply just like in possession and production of cannabis cases.

The History of Cannabis in Kenya

Since Kenya has not given into the  external and internal pressures to legalize cannabis consumption, little information has been captured in this article concerning the timeline of cannabis law in Kenya. Despite the strict regulations on drugs control in Kenya, it is evident that large amounts of cannabis are under trafficking.

In police custodies, seized cannabis is kept in stores as culprits are serving the jail. According to the 2018 World drugs and crime, cannabis trafficking is now uncontrolled.

Timeline of cannabis law in Kenya is summarized as below:

  • Prior to Independence, cannabis was banned under the 1933 Dangerous Drugs Act. The Act was later replaced by the Narcotic  Drugs and Psychotropic Substance (Control) Act in 1994.
  • In the year 2018, a cannabis draft bill was presented in the parliament. The bill was presented by the Kibra member of parliament being seconded by the health and commerce stakeholders. According to the bill, cannabis trading can substantially boost the economy by reducing unemployment levels. The health sector stakeholders on the other hand claim that controlled cannabis use is beneficial to a person’s health.

With all these  on the table, the government agencies are researching more on cannabis use. Preparations and implementations are underway incase the cannabis decriminalization bill is passed in the parliament.

As a nature of decision making process, comparisons are made on the pros and cons of any course of action. As for Kenya, it doesn’t have to blindly follow the decisions of other states but instead, a detailed search of ideas on the subject matter should be undertaken so that the decision bears fruits.

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Best Strains of Cannabis for Chilling

The best strains of cannabis may not come cheap. This is where home grown cannabis comes in. This article guides cannabis users on how they can grow some of the best strains for chilling at home. It is useful for a novice grower as well as a seasoned marijuana farmer.

As a ganja farmer, one should first understand the important role genetics plays in the yield, aroma, taste, and overall traits of a plant. In the paragraphs that follow are some of the best cannabis strains and how to grow them.


It is advisable that harlequin is grown indoors in a controlled environment It takes approximately eight weeks to flower and produces a yield of 25 ounces per square meter. The temperature range for its growth is 72-85 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 20 degrees lower during the night. Many novice growers make the mistake of providing excess nutrients to the plants. In the early stages the nutrients in the soil provide enough sustenance. Use clean distilled water with a pH of 6.5- 7.0 to hydrate the plants. Avoid overwatering because if the soil is too soaked the plants could develop fungal diseases. When you feel like they are ready for harvest, check whether the pistils have changed color. Experts advise that one should wait until 80% of the pistils have changed color.

Northern Lights

Find the right genetics. Always remember that low quality genetics will always thwart your efforts. The northern lights takes six to seven weeks of flowering. During the vegetative period, plants require exposure to at least eighteen hours of light in a day. This is why it is important to use growlights for indoor growing.

These plants need high amounts of nitrogen in the vegetative state and high levels of potassium and phophorus in the flowering period. It’s optimal pH range is 6.0-7.0

It’s preferred temperature range is 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit and 10 degrees lower at night.


The blueberry is perfect for novice farmers looking to grow a strain with little effort. It is best grown outside. It usually takes seven to nine weeks of flowering after which it is ready for harvest. The favorable temperature range for it’s growth is 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit

OG Kush

This strain needs no introduction among cannabis users. It yields best when grown outdoors and its flowering duration is eight weeks. It needs enough calcium and magnesium as those are its major nutrients.

It does well at a temperature range of 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit and handles lower temperature better than most strains.

Blue Dream

This strain flowers best indoors as it is sensitive to changes in the climate. It is famous for its ravenous appetite. It’s most important nutrients are potassium, phophorus and nitrogen. It’s optimal pH is 6.0-7.0 ans it’s favorable temperature range is 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s flowering duration is  nine to ten weeks and yields 17-21 ounces per square meter.

Characteristics of Good Cannabis Soil

1.    The soil should contain nutrients.

2.    It should have optimal pH as we have seen.

3.    It should have good drainage as cannabis should not have wet feet for long.

4.    It should have good water retention. The soil should hold water and nutrients for a certain duration.

5.    It should have light texture to enable roots to grow easily with access to oxygen.

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The importance of cannabis education


Cannabis is a drug that has effects on the body and mind. There is also growing concern on the health effects of this drug. Legalization of cannabis has also been done in some countries, and in others, it remains illegal. Cannabis education is therefore crucial in empowering people on the health effects, ways in which the users can lower the risk associated with its use, and the legal implications. The importance of cannabis education is discussed below.

Empowering people on the health effects of cannabis

Cannabis use has both positive and negative effects on health. The positive include relieving pain, muscle relaxation, controlling nausea and vomiting, among other uses. An adverse effect may include psychosis, anxiousness, and distorted perception, among others. Cannabis education plays a role in empowering the public on the effects of marijuana on health. People will, therefore, make informed choices before embarking on the use of cannabis.

Controlling the risk of cannabis

The cannabis industry is growing, and it has now entered into beverage space. Many people are starting to use marijuana beverages because of its availability in the state, which has legalized the use of cannabis. Cannabis education is increasingly becoming essential as there is a need to teach people the possible risks of marijuana. People need to know the harmful effects of cannabis so that the risk associated with its use can be reduced.

Users of cannabis may be aware of the benefits, and sometimes they forget to weigh in the harmful effects. It is complicated for people to know how much they do not know. Cannabis education will bridge the gap and ensure they give a clear reflection of the risk involved in taking cannabis.  There is also a need for the parents to be educated on how to prevent their children from using cannabis knowingly or unknowingly. Cannabis-infused edibles are readily available even in supermarkets in those countries which have legalized its use. Children may end up consuming them, and this may endanger them. The report has shown that marijuana has adverse effects on children, with most of them requiring emergency medical attention. Cannabis education will ensure increased awareness by the public to decrease chances risk happening.

The legal implication of cannabis use

Cannabis has been the most misused drug around the world. Despite being illegal in most of the countries, millions of people are still using it. Cannabis education will teach people on the legal implication of the drug use so that they do not get on the wrong side of the law. The companies which are using cannabis in their product need also to follow the regulations in place. These companies benefit from cannabis education so that they make products suitable for human consumption.


Cannabis education has played a vital role in ensuring the proper use of marijuana drugs. It is still essential to develop different courses so that the public can be empowered on the health effects controlling risks and understanding the legal implication of cannabis.

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Reasons why investing in RRSP’s might not be right for you

There are many advantages and disadvantages that are associated with investing in RRSP’s. In case one is struggling in raising cash for the day’s activity, it is wise reconsider investing in RRSP’s. Investing in RRSP’s is a critical financial step for many employed people but it does work well for all. Before considering making any move towards saving for retirement, determined if Investing in RRSP’s is right. One should consider marginal tax rate prior to making a relevant decision. Here are some of the reasons that Investing in RRSP’s might not be right for an individual.  

One might have higher income in the near future 

Most people prefer Investing in RRSP’s since they are promised tax deductions and a refund. However, if an individual is entitled to a lower income, Investing in RRSP’s might not work well in the long run. Here, one should wait for some few years till income level rises. In case as individual is a higher bracket of tax, the higher the tax break issued. If one has just landed on the new job this may not be the perfect time for Investing in RRSP’s but should wait for some few year when income level rises. If an individual has some cash saved for investing in RRSP’s, the contribution can be made now but make a withdrawal request after one or two years down the road.  

If one has high- interest debt 

One might be affected by credit card debt and other high-interest debts; in this case it is not advisable Investing in RRSP’s. This is because; it will become impossible raising money for servicing the investment while raising money to cater for the existing hefty interest rates. However, it is not bad for an individual who lies in a lower tax bracket. But, one might consider Investing in RRSP’s when in higher tax bracket to cater for lower credit card debts. When deciding on Investing in RRSP’s it is not advisable to take on a vacation since existing debt will be there still and they may rise for using credit card during the vacation.  

One will be over contributing 

Most employed people are in dire need of maximizing while investing in RRSP’s contributions every year. It is advisable not to over contribute especially when an individual contributes almost to one limit. Over contributing should be avoided at all cost if possible. There is a severe penalty that is linked towards over contributing. In fact, one percent is charged in every month for every over contribution made. It is very possible to determine cases of over contributing whereby Investing in RRSP’s leads the holders in paying hefty penalties. These are some of the factors that would lead a holder from Investing in RRSP’s.  

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