Have you ever stuck wondering what to have for your meals? No need to worry this article will help you figure out what’s you will put on your mouth. General public’s perceptions of cannabis decidedly different than it was years back. Thanks, it has only taken a few years for the edible market to transform it into a limited sub-niche to the Megabucks industry in its own way. Recently, there are however various edible options from licensed dispensaries. They are legal recreationally in a number of states. We have got you covered and we couple of delicious recipes for you!  


With cannabis recipe, cannabis-infused oil will be the easiest way to turn any of your recipes into. You’ll only need to decarboxylate your weed into the oven, then put it into a saucepan with oil then strain your base with leftovers buds leaving you with a simple potent base for cooking. 

Hash yogurt 

This recipe is recommended for beginners and it is just an ideal recipe if you want to include cannabis to your cooking. With minimal ingredients, it is the best meal at any time and can also make a good dessert. You can also make your own in a couple of minutes. 

You will need; 

Cooking pan 



A joint’s worth of hash 

A tub of yogurt 


You will first need to pour the oil into frying pan (preferably coconut oil) at a low to medium heat 

Crumble your hash into melted cooking oil 

Leave it for a couple of minutes over the heat and let your oil and hash to melt and mix 

Use a spoon to stir the combination 

Once mixed, pour the mixture into your yogurt and combine, and with that your hash yogurt will be ready for a meal. 


This is the chocoholic recipe. This simply combines cannabis-infused patella. Should you need to make your own Nutella it is easier with this simple recipe. 

You will need; 

A jar of Nutella 

Cannabis-infused oil 

Mixing bowl 

Firstly, put your preferred amount of Nutella into a mixing bowl. Mix one dose of cannabis oil in every Nutella serving, then stir until the oil is evenly disturbed through the chocolate. Ensure that you do not see oil in the mixture. You can then keep the mixture in the fridge and you can eat it any way you want. 

Cannabis ice-cream 

Do you need a good ice-cream? We have got you covered with the chilled recipe, pretty easy to make, and perhaps the best dessert all time. Here are all you need to make yourself one. 

You need; 

A mixing bowl 

Two saucepans 

About 75 grams of sugar  

500ml ice-cream 

50 grams can abutter 


Pace your ice-cream in a saucepan over medium heat until you bring it to summer. 

Using the other saucepan melt you can a butter, add sugar and let the mixture melt together to form a sweet and cannabis-rich liquid. You can smash fruit of your choice in a bowl to add flavor. Smash until it reaches the desired texture then add to a large container. Place your mixture into a freezer for a couple of hours until it is frozen and it will be ready for you to enjoy! 

Do you wish to enjoy the best and delicious meal? There you have it: Cooking with Cannabis can be a simple, creative, and delicious way to medicate. Cannabis cooking ideas got all you need weed delivery vancouver